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• Saratoga
Check position of city legend red dot {)with these links:

$CityPos1 | $CityPos2 | $CityPos3 | $CityPos4 | $CityPos5 | $CityPos6 | $CityPos7 | $CityPos8 | $CityPos9 | $CityPos10

Click on radar/map image where city legend red dot {) should appear to see offset and copy code to use in the script settings. When clicked, the legend will move to the designated spot over the map image.

The PHP code for $CityPos3 is  

Press "Copy to Clipboard" button, the text will turn blue as it is selected and copied to the clipboard.
Then paste into WU-radar-inc.php to replace the existing $CityPos3 line.
When you have finished all 10 $CityPosN configurations in WU-radar-inc.php, upload the WU-radar-inc.php file to your website and test each link again to ensure the city name is positioned as you like.
Mouse cursor at: Left Top , Computed offset to use: Left Top
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Radar and map images courtesy of Weather Underground.

Thanks to Tom at Carter Lake, Jim at Juneau County Weather and Ken at Saratoga-Weather for the display script for this page.